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Show you care, support the radio you listen to, or get deeply involved. Everyone who shares our values is welcome.

Our licence says

Soundart Radio is for the people of Totnes and creates opportunities for practising artists, musicians and engaged consumers to use radio as a means of creative expression. It serves a rural community distinctive for its independent and innovative approach to art and cultural activity. The station’s broad editorial reach reflects this spirit and provides opportunities for local people to make original and creative programmes.

By volunteering with us, you are offering your support to help make this happen. We trust that you understand and share our values, and want to work towards a fairer, kinder world.  We do what we can to find suitable radio slots for everyone who is interested, but this is not always possible, and we have to ensure the range of programmes offered fulfils our licence agreement. We take pride in sounding different to other radio stations.

We welcome people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. As much as possible, we offer training and support, camaraderie and friendship. We provide a safe space for you, and have insurance, policies and DBS checks in place to help us to do this.

On the radio

We are regulated by Ofcom, which stands for 'the office of communications' and their job is to make sure broadcasters behave well. This means that listeners can make complaints to them. Ofcom have the right to take away our licence or fine us if something goes wrong. So its really important for all our volunteers to take responsibility.

  • If you are on air, keep things considerate, fair and polite. 
  • Tell your guests to behave the same way 
  • Check the lyrics of any music you play – no swearing allowed 
  • Take extra care around election times – further guidelines will be issued each time
  • Don't talk about any ongoing court cases
  • Don't use language that is harmful or hurtful to people
  • If there is anything you are unsure about, tell us and we can talk it through.

You can read the broadcast code in full online at

At the studio

  • Be considerate of the presenters before and after you, and don't allow your programme to overrun. 
  • Our space is kindly provided for us by the Dartington Hall Trust. Please be respectful of our neighbours here, as many other people are working nearby. 
  • No-one is paid here to clean or tidy up. It's up to all of us to keep things nice. So please make sure you deal with any rubbish or washing up whenever you are at the studio. 
  • Please look out for one another and welcome guests and visitors. Treat everyone with respect and kindness. 
  • Treat studio equipment with care, and don't take anything out of the building – we can't afford to replace any broken or lost things. 
  • Please do not smoke or vape in or near the building, only at the designated smoking areas outside.