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On the Land and Water

On the Land and Water
Show details
Day Friday
Times 10:00 - 12:00
How often ? Weekly

A magazine style talk show, presented by regular contributors - Sally Sutton, Alice Armstrong and Jenny Wellwood. 

A weekly investigation, supporting and tracking all kinds of interesting and progressive land and water-based stories and issues, from RURAL, WILD and URBAN situations.


Projects, practices, politics, history and traditional crafts, emerging ideas and modern developments and some great food will all feature - and we'll be looking closely at the Green Brexit, food security and social wellbeing in the UK through the lens of the stories we cover. We're not experts, but we do like to talk to them!


True to Soundart radio’s inclusive, fun, DIY radio style, we’re super keen on collaborators ‘from the field’ getting in touch to add something to the pot- what ever your land or water-based concern or passion, drop us a line, share your story or maybe become a regular contributor?! At Soundart Radio, we Make It UP As We Go Along, so please feel free to join us :-)

We Tweet at @OnTheLandRadio1
and you can get involved, or find out more by getting in contact via

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