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The I Don't Know Radio Show

The I Don't Know Radio Show
Show details
Day Wednesday
Times 13:30 - 14:30
How often ? Weekly

The I don't know Radio Show is hosted by Joe Culhane. It's an hour long, weekly exploratory journey that confronts the unknowing of this wild ride that we call life. Filled with music, poetry, interviews, and a loosely focused look into the world of herbalism, social and climate justice, and ecology. It's one person's humble and perhaps ridiculous attempt to untangle from the human-centered storyline that so much of humanity is caught up in, while embracing our relationships with the more-than-human world we're always dancing with. Always acknowledging though that really, I don't know... Broadcast through radio waves and up to outer space and back, those who listen in will be subjected to a less than serious and sometimes silly, though quite sincere path of remembrance, vulnerabilty, compassion, forgiveness, and surrender into the vast unknowing of this awesome, though quite often very dark, scary, and challenging reality.


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