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Slow Radio Sunday

Project Details

20+ hour long artworks for radio, to broadcast across one Sunday per month. Get in touch if you are an artist who would like your work featured.

Soundscapes, pointless noises, different types of silence, pretentious twaddle, nature, voices, boring stuff, drones, fuzzy fluff. Breathing, sighing, sleeping, eating, listening, waking up and going outside. Washing machines, computers, newspapers, floorboards, stuck records and broken toys. Non radio for a switched off audience.

We are more interested in process than product, and in genuinely experimental radio. We define experiment as trying something out, which may or may not sound 'nice' at the end. We want to demonstrate to our local community of radio makers and listeners that they can be creative and take risks. We have been daydreaming about process that may unfold over radio, such as ritual, machines, human connection and understanding, the natural world as it builds up or breaks down, walking, reconnection with radio's histories, and using radio to intervene into other specific spaces.



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